This also doubles as a throwback to Transformers Armada

Island Rus (1993 94). Today, Mom! sees two brothers from modern Moscow accidentally stumbling into a Time Machine and travelling to the future (where the machine came from in the first place). From there on, they wander all across history, having wacky adventures before finally returning home. This novel was adapted into a Film of the Book titled Asiris Nuna. Island Rus seems to be set in the world of Russian Mythology and Tales, but it is eventually revealed to be an in universe Reconstruction of it for recreational purposes (the eponymous island is like Disneyland, only Russian) in the future world first seen in the previous novel. The plot follows the premise of The Three Musketeers, but substitutes the eponymous trio with famous Bogatyrs, etc., and the main character is black. Tsar, Tsarevich, King, Crown Prince sees the return of the two brothers, as they help Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson in solving a mysterious case on the abovementioned island with the suspects and witnesses being the characters from the preceding novel.

Bifurcated Weapon: Jetfire’s cane. Blow You Away: Optimus uses the backblast of his Jetfire thrusters to blast Megatron through some Egyptian ruins. Bond One Liner: After Jetfire takes care of Mixmaster and Scorponok rips through his torso, he’s still able to crush his head. he delivers this gem, „I’m too old for this crap. Note that none of the Constructicons have anything to do with wrecking balls. Broken Faceplate: During the forest battle, Megatron delivers a powerful kick to Optimus that completely shatters his iconic faceplate. He even has to spit some pieces of it out of his mouth after being blasted across the forest. Butt Monkey: Starscream. Megatron brutally bashes him out of retribution for being a traitor, having abandoned Megatron to die back in the first film and usurping his rank as the leader of Decepticons. The Call Knows Where You Live: „Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.” Cat apult: The missile on Soundwave’s toy is actually Ravage. Colossus Climb: The twins attempt one on Devastator. Combining Mecha: Devastator is made up of several individual Decepticons, although the process of assembly doesn’t seem to be as coordinated or willing as it was with his original incarnation. The twins start out having a combined Altmode: a beat up, old fashioned ice cream truck. Supposedly they were originally going to combine in robot mode as well (which is presumably why they’re lopsided on opposite sides) In the climax of ROTF, when Jetfire’s spark is merged with Optimus, his body essentially rebuilds itself around Optimus. This also doubles as a throwback to Transformers Armada. The Arcees were designed with combination in mind, in order to give their robot mode more mass in comparison with the other characters. This was eventually cut, but you can find art of the combined mode with a quick image search and in one panel of the tie in comic. Continuity Nod Simmons kept Frenzy’s decapitated head in his basement. During a long shot of Decepticons gathering their forces, you can see the minesweeper alternate mode of Bonecrusher among them. The robot CGI model is only used briefly, through smoke and behind a building, likely because of his major scene in the first film. Cool Old Guy: Jetfire Cyber Cyclops: Ravage. Dare to Be Badass:Sam: You’re Optimus Prime, you don’t need me.

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