Therefore, one should not hesitate to search for the right

A person introduces evidence randomly WITHOUT anyone knowing about it beforehand, even the judge. The evidence is absolutely crucial, and even by existing in the room at the exact moment, the perpetrator is either found guilty, or exposed. If the perpetrator is not the defendant or the prosecution, expect them to be in the courtroom when this evidence is shown, and the bailiff and security will get them before they can make any motion to escape. In real life introducing evidence in this manner is completely illegal to the system, and can cost the defense or prosecution the case, get the case mistrialed, set for a new date, or given a new jury. Not that that matters in fiction. Sometimes justified or hand waved by the prosecutor and/or the judge being informed of the existence of such a smoking gun, and if not cooperating, at least acquiescing to the Courtroom Antic needed to bring it in.

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Wholesale Replica Bags The final arc of Full Metal Panic! reveals that this trope is the motivation of Leonard Testarossa and his allies their goal is to send the Whisperer Sophia, possessing the body of Kaname Chidori 18 years backwards to prevent the Yamsk 11 incident from happening, which would change the world into one more like Real Life. The moment where it all breaks down is when Sousuke is apparently killed by Leonard and Sophia uses this to persuade Kaname, showing her a reality where Sousuke was an ordinary boy rather than a child soldier. At first Kaname seems happy, but she realizes that he’s not the same Sousuke she fell in love with and rejects the plan, refusing to run away from reality even if it means living in a world where Sousuke is dead. Thankfully though, he isn’t Wholesale Replica Bags.

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