The fact that he had to reteach someone who works with guns

This show provides examples of: All for Nothing: The SOCOM buyer backs out at the last minute, despite Kris going to Vince and paying the inflated price Vince asked for the barrels that were missing to redeem himself of the mistake he made. Alliterative Name: Retired Marine, World War II Veteran, and Congressional Medal Of Honor recipient Woody Williams. Ammunition Backpack: Featured on the one man PKM package. Anti Air: The quad MG42 rig was devised as a more affordable alternative to the WW2 era quad.50 BMG anti aircraft rig. They demonstrated it by shooting down model airplanes. The crew rigged several anti aircraft guns to simulate firing at several aircraft for a 4th of July show at the USS Kidd in Baton Rouge, LA. Artistic License Gun Safety Averted with members of the Red Jacket team constantly stressing in opening bumpers (and occasional in episode commentary) that what they do is dangerous, despite the show making gunsmithing and the eventual results look cool. Also averted when various mechanical malfunctions happen, with jammed cartridges and „stovepipe” fires. They make sure the gun is safe to diagnose before trying to figure out what happened. Will had to literately reel in a new hire into basic gun safety after several incidents with Flem and a machine gun. The fact that he had to reteach someone who works with guns about gun safety disgusted him. Badass Beard: Vince. Joe, Kris, Charlie, and Flem have smaller ones too. Having won the medal for using flamethrowers several times at Iwo Jima, Woody strapped a flamethrower on for the show and lit up the bunker like he knew what he was doing. Several WW2 veterans including Woody got together to fire a restored anti tank cannon in one episode. Badass Teacher: Joe’s main job is a high school teacher; Red Jacket is his SECOND job. Up until season 3 where the demands of working both jobs became too great and he had to resign his teaching career to dedicate his time to Red Jacket. Bait and Switch: A contest is held to determine who will get to fire the flamethrower. The winner is the shooter who gets 1 of their 5 rounds closest to the center of the target. The guys use pistols. Steph fires 3 rounds with her shotgun and puts several little holes closer to the center of the target than the guys.

The usual explanations include poor communication by scientists or environmentalists or the news media, purposeful obfuscation by selfish economic interests, or the way the issue has been polarized politically. May I suggest that the problem is much deeper. It’s a matter of how the human animal has learned to detect and respond to risk. Our risk perception system hasn’t evolved to cope with the complex long term threats involved in the unsustainable way we’re living on the planet. It evolved to deal with simpler dangers, like wolves and bad guys with clubs and the dark. We may understand the modern risk choices we face intellectually, but the human response to risk is not just about the facts. It’s a mix of facts and feelings, reason and gut reaction, and the huge threats posed by climate change and deforestation and all the other manifestations of our unsustainable ways just don’t ring the emotional alarm bells of a system that evolved to deal with simpler, more immediate dangers. Moving forward on climate chance is a psychological challenge as much as it is technical or economic.

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