Self Serving Memory: Homer intends to pin the blame on

Face Heel Turn: Captain Wade, the head of security for Stony Man Farm, who sells out to terrorist Al Miller in Day of Mourning, resulting in an assault on the farm that ends with the death of April Rose. Girl of the Week / Temporary Love Interest / Cartwright Curse: Bolan encounters a beautiful woman in every novel, though he doesn’t necessarily sleep with them. Some die, others live to be encountered in future novels (such as the Ranger Girls, who turn out to be federal agents). Big Fancy House: Given that the Devereauxs’ house used to belong to a rich banker in the Old South no less it’s particularly grand. Though it is a little overgrown and diminished. Black Best Friend: Caroline’s, who knows about Voodoo but doesn’t practice it. Despite being played dead serious, it’s written off as a dream in the end,, likely due to Executive Meddling, since much of it would scare the younger children watching. Esoteric Happy Ending: „Tea For Two” ends with Dongwa and the sleeve dogs having made a monkey trainer and his monkeys hated by the entire province. But the sight of a tree supposedly means they’ll be wanted at the palace again.

Replica Stella McCartney Handbags Precrime Arrest: Milhouse, while on his Roaring Rampage of Revenge, decides to bully a new student (it’s his first day at Springfield Elementary) by justifying it as „prevenge”. Same Sex Triplets: Marge’s story features three Moe faced Maggies. Self Serving Memory: Homer intends to pin the blame on attaching the Rich Texan on Maggie if he gets caught, „just like the time [he] shot Mr. The title character Scott Pilgrim attempts at being this. However, his friends usually end up coercing him into drinking anyway, and he doesn’t seem to enjoy it. It’s slightly hinted that it’s because his dark side tends to manifest itself when he’s drunk. Evil Sorcerer: The Nearga Nor, especially Ser Noris. Feminist Fantasy, to at least some degree. God Save Us from the Queen!: Floarin, although she’s pretty much a puppet. Replica Stella McCartney Handbags

Replica Handbags I Love You Because I Can’t Control You: The book ends with Neil realizing that the one woman he has feelings for, Lisa, isn’t affected at all by his attempts to seduce her, and in the penultimate chapter, he comes clean with her by throwing all the phone numbers he accumulated from women over the years in his bed to convince her that he loves her. Meta twist: he ends up losing her anyway after the book is published. Instant Seduction: This is the basis of the techniques and openers used by Mystery and Style (to great effect), although it’s later subverted when Style (months after he walked away from the pickup community) tries his original openers and lines on several different women, only to find that the PUA community had more or less discredited his techniques due to overuse Replica Handbags.

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