Na’Vi drafts Enchantress, Juggernaut, Rubicknote who can steal

In the International 2, Na’Vi faced IG in the winner’s bracket semifinals. Na’Vi drafts Enchantress, Juggernaut, Rubicknote who can steal the abilities of enemies, Enigmanote who can use Black Hole to disable and heavily damage all enemies in an area, and Shadow Shaman against IG’s draft of Tidehunternote who can use Ravage to do huge damage and stun all enemies in a massive radius, Naga Sirennote who can use Song of the Siren to put all enemies in a huge radius to sleep they cannot attack or be attacked, but can be moved around, Puck, Dark Seernote who can use Vacuum to suck all enemies in a large radius together to a small area for better positioning, and Lina. In what has come to be known simply as „The Play,” IG use a Smoke of Deceit to ambush Na’Vi from behind as they try to push down a tower. Naga Siren gets great positioning and manages to put all of Na’Vi to sleep. Cue a massive Oh, Crap! from the crowd and the commentators. Dark Seer Vacuums four of Na’Vi into tight formation to set up Tidehunter’s Ravage. The sleep ends. Two lightning quick reactions (or, alternatively, Button Mashing) save Na’Vi’s life and turn the fight around. Dendi’s Rubick uses his Force Staff to get out of the Ravage’s range; and LightOfHeaven’s Enigma uses his Black King Bar to become magic immune (and therefore unaffected by the Ravage), and then uses his Black Hole to capture and disable three of IG. (And, according to the slo mo video below, Tidehunter was about five frames of animation away from completing the Anchor Smash that would have overwritten Ravage as „stealable”!!) The Black Hole finishes, Dendi returns the Ravage into almost all of IG, and the rest is mop up for Na’Vi they turn what is probably at best a 5 for 1 trade in IG’s favor into a 5 for 0 trade in Na’Vi’s favor, and can continue on pushing down the tower and the barracks. They get a standing ovation and a locomotive chant from the crowd and ride that wave to the end of the game.

Beta Couple: Eugenia and Mr. Foley The Casanova: Jeffrey Singer. Of course he’s supposed to be married, and of course he never stops flirting. Cut Short: After the fourth season, which resulted in a Love Triangle plot involving Betty, Victor, and Scott being Left Hanging. Forgotten Theme Tune Lyrics: The theme song with lyrics were only used in two episodes, as sung by Patti LuPone. Nave Newcomer: Betty Roberts. Network Red Headed Stepchild: It’s not hard to understand why a Darker and Edgier AMC would neglect to mention this earlier effort in the midst of Mad Men’s, and later Breaking Bad’s, success. Plucky Girl: Betty Roberts, bright eyed and fresh from Elkhart, Indiana, arrives to a chilly reception by cynical staff and wins them over by settling a crisis or five, however awkwardly. Set Behind the Scenes: of a Pittsburgh radio station. The Voiceless: Mr. Foley, who makes a uniquely mighty racket just never with his tongue. White Dwarf Starlet: Hilary Booth either made it on the stage or almost made it, depending who you ask. She’s never given up on reviving her career.

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