In fact, I only just got Overwatch about 5 days ago myself

Joined a match tonight where everyone seemed to be dying much faster than usual on my team, myself included. As per the following screenshot (linked below) I now understand why. Somehow the matchmaking system paired these teams of players together.Now, to be fair, having a high level can either mean you really good, or that you just played it long enough to level up and still suck, so I totally understand matchmaking is probably not solely based on level, but this just seems like my team was fighting the US Army with sticks and stones.also note before you vote that I merely sharing an anecdotal image of what appears to be a stacked team situation, and am not harping on Overwatch as a game at all. In fact, I only just got Overwatch about 5 days ago myself since I kept holding out for a better sale for what is essentially TF3 to me. this aint a rank game on that picture, its a normal (quick play) game. so if you have experience in fps games, especially in a kinda similar game like tf2 you will most likely end up with alot of smurf accounts while leveling, wich is not bad, you can learn how to play the right way from the start.anyways wish you the best and enjoy your time spend :)Thanks for explaining what the stars mean; it funny that I learned more about the game from friends and reddit than through Blizzard themselves.And yes, just like when TF2 went on sale (before it became F2P) I know there going to be a lot of new accounts people will play with for a short while, then never play again. Deal with it every time CoD WaW goes on sale; just something we get to deal with.I too agree with levels being meaningless. They do indicate you played a long time, but aren necessarily good at the game. In this particular case though we were getting creamed so I inclined to believe the levels meant something this time.

It must be accepted as a fact that when a symbol is once used in prophecy, with a certain meaning, it must have the same meaning in whatever other prophecy it is found. If this were not so, there would be no harmony in the Bible. By following this principle, all is harmonious. In the seventeenth of Revelation, John says that he saw a woman sitting on many waters (verse 1); and the angel told him (verse 15) that these waters were and multitudes, and nations, and tongues. Then the great sea of Daniel 7 must represent the people of the earth. See also Isaiah 8:7, where the people of Assyria are called waters of the river. If the sea means people, then of course the stirring up of the sea by winds denotes the stirring up of the people, strife. In harmony with this, we find in Jeremiah 25:32, 33 that, as the result of a great whirlwind that shall be raised up from the coasts of the earth, the slain shall be from one end of the earth even unto the other end of the earth. In Revelation 7:1 3 the winds the fierce passions of men are represented as being held so that the earth may not be hurt.

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