How did they get that way, if they aren’t portrayed as

Someone, usually a supporting main character but not always, has to be obscenely rich for the sake of the plot. How did they get that way, if they aren’t portrayed as especially hard working or clever? One solution is to have them be an heir to the fortune of an Inventor of the Mundane, who earns royalties from something they came up with that’s really popular and makes a lot of money. Perhaps their mother’s uncle in law invented hole punchers, or their great grandfather invented spark plugs, or their grandmother wrote one of the most popular novels of all time. Or maybe their father invented Toaster Strudel. Whatever the case, they’re set for life without having to work. On one hand, this trope can can include forms of intellectual property such as books or songs, and not just practical inventions as is usually the case with Inventor of the Mundane. On the other hand it allows the characters’ competence to be even less related to their wealth, since the Royalties Heir didn’t even have to work their brain by coming up with the thing and enjoys the benefits merely by being related to its creator.

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