Genius Bonus: Although never explicitly described as such

Following ISIL’s recent release of the horrific video depicting the death of Jordanian pilot Lt. Moath al Kasasbeh, the conversation at home has pretty much fallen on predictable lines: Islam has an internal problem that it must resolve, and there must be something inherently wrong with the religion. But what’s missing in this convenient cop out is a real discussion about the layers of issues and the depth of the international challenge of combating extremism. As much as both pundits on the right and left would like us to believe that this is a conflict of ‚radical Islam’ vs. the rest of us, it’s much more complex and nuanced than that childish line of reasoning. For starters, how about we actually begin to acknowledge the role that we, the United States, played in creating groups like Al Qaeda and ISIL? Or how we were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands (some argue millions) of Iraqis in an unnecessary war? Instead of a convenient storyline of us vs. them, cowboys vs. Indians, good guys vs. bad guys, it would be nice if cable news and mainstream outlets actually informed the public as opposed to hyping Islamophobia and dumbing us down. But wait, then we would actually have journalism holding power accountable and educating citizens as opposed to serving as pr machines for various interests. Imagine that.

Evil Teacher: This one murders students who give the wrong answer on tests. Exact Words: The inventor shows off Man, those are some lucky pants. Too bad, the wearer isn’t. „I don’t believe in Bad Babies!”It’s because she’s a Eugenicist. Excuse Boomerang: comic, in which a woman protests that arresting her ego for smoking marijuana is unjust, when other parts of her mind and body were responsible for the deed. The police officer handcuffs the woman and tells her his hands are just obeying the frontal lobes in Congress. Expospeak Gag: Eyes Always Shut: Snobs tend to be drawn this way. Fail O’Suckyname: Can prevent you from naming an element you discovered after yourself. Another sad day for Dr. Oinky Hitlerballs. Feathered Fiend: This comic is a list of bird related omens. Most of them are bad. Ravens = Death Eurasian Kestrels = Nobody will ever love you Barnacle Goose = Rent is Due Crested Ibis = Your zipper is undone Dwarf Cassowary = You need to stop drinking Fulvous Whistling Duck = Your spouse hates you. Passenger Pigeon = The time machine only worked a little. The Film of the Book: Played for Laughs Here. Fish out of Temporal Water: Going to the Renaissance Fair to Roleplay as a Victorian Time Traveler. Fling a Light into the Future: For Happiness: One start out with featuring a Straw Character version of For Happiness. He soon becomes a Totalitarian Utilitarian, however. Genius Bonus: Although never explicitly described as such, this is the concept of a Utility Monster taken to its logical extreme. For Science!!: Also a good reason to When Aliens Subverted here.”My research on bone density in the elderly is going very well. So I decided to celebrate by caning an old man.

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