Combo Platter Powers: Subverted

The premise alone carries immense shock value as witness the numerous renditions of the Rotenberg Cannibal in movies, television and music. And the ritualistic power of the event translates well onto the stage. However, Brand’s script focuses more on the horror of the event, and never really captures the darker implications of this monstrous act. It was later indefinitely closed, remaining to be decided if it’ll remain active in the future.In October 2014, the annotators started uploading Five Years: The Annotated Anniversary Special! on TheAnnotationStation, celebrating all of the content covered in the previous five years with a montage of key scenes for participants to annotate anew.In March 2017, the annotators received a terrible wake up call when Youtube announced that it will be removing the ability to add or edit annotations by May 2, bringing an end to The Annotated Series and its channel’s trademark. It does seem like the crew has some plans for what they’ll do for their last month of annotations, as well as after the date that Youtube pulls the plug on annotations. They made an announcement video on that channel saying that while it wasn’t the end of them and that many of the videos would be reuploaded on a separate channel, it also lead to the „loss of a fair few of Annotated Riffs” which weren’t recorded before the termination of the channel and that they would be lost forever.

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