Big Red Button: An actual subweapon in the game; it

And Your Reward Is Clothes: For completing the game 100%, your reward is Sonic and co. dancing in a neon DJ studio. Apathetic Citizens: Many of the friendly NPCs are incredibly rude towards Sonic’s party and don’t like being approached when they’re (apparently) very busy with something. Later in the game, they’ll finally start asking for their help but then go back to giving them the cold shoulder when the request is complete. However, some of the citizens have dialogue (which may or may not be activated during any given playthrough) that implies that the NPCs aren’t friendly to Sonic and the gang because they’re aware that Sonic is the reason that Lyric is free again after centuries of imprisonment. Big Bad: Lyric, who is a member of an ancient, snake like race and wields Powered Armor, will be the main antagonist of the games. Big Bad Duumvirate: Lyric and Eggman team up partway into the game. Their alliance doesn’t last. Big „NO!”: By Tails, Amy and Knuckles when Sonic gets blasted by Lyric’s robots. Big Red Button: An actual subweapon in the game; it obliterates any enemy around the user after a warmup period. Only gets one use, mainly because the user literally stomps on it. Also, literally the name of the development studio that made the game. Captain Obvious: Sonic and his friends have to endlessly mention things that the player already knows about because either „they have short term memory loss” or „they think the player has short term memory loss”. Sonic: Look, ramps!

We endure today strange twists of history like Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell proclaiming April „Confederate History Month” without ever mentioning slavery. When questioned about this curious oversight, McDonnell lamely explained that „there were any number of aspects to that conflict between the states. Obviously, it involved slavery. It involved other issues. But I focused on the ones I thought were most significant for Virginia.” Really? If slavery was not among the most „significant” issues for Virginia, exactly what other state right was more important? This is the downside of the argument I try to make here; it is open to abuse by this kind of intellectual trash. Sadly, McDonnell is the not the first governor of his state to explicitly omit slavery from lofty declarations. Former Republican Virginia Governor Republican George Allen also failed to recognize slavery when making a similar proclamation. Seems to be a disease of Republican governors, a historic irony given the role of the young Republican Party in the war.

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