access to my regret on The time 00h00 night


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Hermes Replica Other 4

remaining 4 seats only
Ifrane / Micleven / Dayet AWA / Moulay Yacoub / Sidi Harazem / Fez

** Date:
? on Friday 19 Jan. 2018 and return on Sunday January 21, 2018 At night – Inshaa
The journey program as follows:

? Friday 19 January 2018:
21:00: The start of the
? Saturday 20 January 2018

????? ????? < br> it ? eats breakfast (free)
?zaarh Miclvin (ski and play ice) ??
?zaarh the oldest and largest tree Koro rice
?tnol food meal (free)
?zaarh Dayet AWA and enjoy Touring the lake on a boat
? Visit Mulay Yaqoub
? Hotel (free time)

? Sunday 21 January 2018:
? Go to Hama Mall Jacob and any underground water showers hot ?ojbh back towards Fez:
??zaarh Old City
? visit Sidi Harazem and enjoy the beautiful white spots and a meal ?bdaah return trip to my regret from five pm.
access to my regret on The time 00h00 night

?? important Note:
L? shoes will need ? bag
??? duty Post:
350 AED only
air-conditioned tourist ?anakl
?alambat day ?alemravqh
??? Note:
seats are very limited and is considered the seat is reserved when performing the amount of the trip or 50% of it. Hermes Replica

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